Probate is the general term used in obtaining the authority of the Court to deal with and settle the affairs of someone who has died. This includes preparing the Inheritance Tax Return for HM Revenue and Customs, paying any tax outstanding and then administering the Estate.


For over 40 years we have acted on probates of both large and small, complicated and straightforward estates. We have dealt with estates where the property is situated abroad or the person died abroad having little or no connection with this country.

Our offices are located minutes from the Principal Probate Registry, which means that when necessary we are able to attend personally especially where there are emergencies or difficulties.

We can deal with the following

  • Completing the necessary forms and arranging payment of Inheritance Tax.

  • Applications for Letters of Representation (known as Probate or Letters of Administration).

  • Administration of the Estate.

  • Potential Beneficiaries and disputes.

  • Foreign Probates.

  • Difficult applications to the Registrar or Judge at the Probate Registry.

  • Department of the High Court (such as lost or damaged Wills, disputed Wills, emergency applications).

  • Rectification (requesting that a Will is altered by reason of a mistake)
    Intestacy and missing relatives.

He has a calm, nice, patient manner. He also managed the Client.